UX Design Course for Beginners

Ignite your design journey with our UX Design Course for Beginners. Learn the essential principles, techniques, and tools to create user-centered digital experiences.

by Sreedhar Truly

Course Type

Course Duration

Group Class

4 Weeks

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Here’s what you’ll learn in the course

Transform Your Passion into a Fulfilling Career in Design

Introduction to UI/UX Design and Fundamentals

This week provides an introduction to UI/UX design, explaining its significance in creating digital experiences. Students will learn the difference between UI and UX and explore design principles that contribute to effective user experiences. The topics covered include color theory, typography, and layout composition.



User-Centered Design and Research

In this week, students will dive into user-centered design principles and methodologies. They will learn the importance of understanding user needs and goals and explore various techniques for conducting user research. The session covers creating user personas, defining user flows, and wireframing to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

UI Design and Prototyping

This week focuses on the practical aspects of UI design. Students will be introduced to popular UI design tools and software such as Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma. They will learn how to design visually appealing interfaces, create interactive prototypes, and incorporate transitions and animations into their designs.

Usability Testing, Responsive Design, and Career Tips

The final week covers important aspects of UI/UX design, including usability testing, responsive design, and career guidance. Students will understand the significance of usability testing in evaluating and improving their designs. They will learn about responsive design principles for designing interfaces that adapt to various devices and screen sizes. Additionally, this week provides insights into building an impressive UI/UX portfolio, exploring career opportunities, and emphasizing the importance of continuing education in this field.







Who will benefit from this course and how?

If you want to start your career as a Graphic designer or UX,UI Designer Or other creative fields this course

How Dose this Work

Attend Class

Do Exercises

Learn all the Deliverables

In this course, you will start with a Graphic/UX Design project right from 1st minute.

Finish given Assignment

Grab Your Certificate

Will help you to:

Graphic Designer

Website Designers

UX Designers

This course is specifically design for beginners interested in graphic design theory. Philosophies and practical projects are given so that you not only understand the reasoning behind the theory, but you also get a chance to practice it to.

UX,UI Designers

Product Designers

Achieve a certification in graphic design

by attaining intermediate to expert level knowledge of design theory applicable to your career, job, hobby, or company.

Get Certified!

Yes! You will be certified for this course on submission of your assignment.

Official and verified

Receive an instructor signed certificate with institution’s logo to verify your achievements and increase your job prospects

Easily shareable

Add the certificate to your CV or your Resume or post it directly on LInkedin. You can even post it on instagram and twitter.

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Meet your Mentor

I am a UI/UX designer and an entrepreneur. I have been in the industry for more than 7 years and have built a lot of websites, mobile applications, and brand identities. I specialize in helping out the brands that are new to the industry and want their business to have a great look. I love what I do and believe that my work can make your business look better.

A self-driven enthusiast and always up for a new challenge, that is who I am. My only vision is to make sure that the world of design is getting better and more beautiful as we move to the future.

Branding & Product UX, UI Designer @ Ogilvy


Founder @ Truly Design Firm

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

I feel so lucky as a very first beginner, got a chance to learn from him and work with him. Sreedhar has got super skills to handle any design challenge also User Experience wise too. The way he designs a solution can easily impress people. He's a best source to learn design thinking from.

Aparna Bolla

MSc HCI . Experience Designer

Kiran Kumar

UX Designer At OnoArk

This course was exactly what I needed as a beginner in graphic design. The content was well-structured, and the explanations were clear and concise. The practical projects helped me apply the theory in real-world scenarios, boosting my confidence and skills. I highly recommend this course!


Graphic Designer At Simsy.io

As someone with no prior design experience, this course provided a solid foundation in graphic design theory. The instructor's teaching style was engaging, and the examples and demonstrations were easy to follow. The course gave me the confidence to start working on my own design projects. It exceeded my expectations!